Echoes of Destiny screenshotEchoes of Destiny screenshotEchoes of Destiny screenshotEchoes of Destiny screenshot
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Echoes of Destiny 0.1

Game update on 18/06/2024. Created by Purrfect-Pixelwith renpy. Available for download in en.

"Our main character, Jake's journey starts and takes an unexpected turn when, after a high-stakes match, he's somehow transported to a mystical fantasy realm. Despite his tough exterior, humorous and raw personality, and sharp wit, navigating this unfamiliar world leaves Jake grappling with disbelief, awe, and annoyance most of the time. However, amidst the turmoil, he always finds solace in his sister's wise words: "Don't forget to dance in the rain, especially when it's pouring."
SpoilerAs our hero explores this fantastical realm, he stumbles upon opportunities for both friendly and intimate connections with a diverse array of characters, from fantastical beings to fellow humans. These encounters span from passionate moments to profound relationships, shaping Jake’s journey of self-discovery, adventure, and personal growth, driven by the player's choices.
With his courage, strength, and wit tested like never before, Jake must forge alliances, facing adversaries, and emerge victorious against all odds to reach his end goal, which takes shape as the story progresses, influenced by the player's will.

As his journey transcends time and space, Jake's path weaves together fate, destiny, and adventure, culminating in a tale of epic proportions.

Throughout this narrative, the protagonist navigates the complexities of love, lust, bonds, and danger. With the true power of the human heart at stake, he must confront his destiny and discover the life-changing resilience that lies within."

Game is avaialble for Windows, MAC
3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Monster, Monster girl,
How to install:
- Unpack the archive (7zip, winRAR, etc.)

- Open the main folder and click on EchoesofDestiny.exe
Developer comments:
v0.1 is essentially the prologue of the game, focusing on introducing the main character and world-building.
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1.06 GBZIP2/5/2024
1.05 GBZIP2/5/2024

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