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RPS With My Childhood Friend! 1.0.0

Game update on 08/06/2024. Created by SCUIID. Available for download in en.

This is a game in which you, the protagonist, deepen your bond with the heroine, Ayano, your childhood friend who lives nearby, through rock-paper-scissors.​

Game is avaialble for Windows
2DCG, Big Tits, Dot-Pixel, Humiliation, Japanese Game, Male Protagonist, Point & Click, Romance, School Setting, Simulator, Virgin
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
Playing rock-paper-scissors with a childhood friend who is one year older than me
The game is a very simple rock-paper-scissors game!
Each time the player wins, the heroine will lose her clothes.
There are three different situations for rock-paper-scissors. You can play rock-paper-scissors with the heroine in her casual clothes, uniform, or pajamas.

A story of pure love
── "Wow, you were thinking dirty just now,
weren't you?" ── ── "Okay, I'm naked. Hey, don't look at me too much." ──
In this game, the story parts before and after the rock-paper-scissors game tell the story of you and Ayano, who are in a relationship that is less than a romantic relationship.
Also, you can see different events depending on whether you win or lose the game.

Basic Information
・Handicap setting function included! You can freely control the outcome of the game.
・There are 10 basic CGs. (39 with variations)
・Can be played with a mouse only.
・The estimated play time to clear is about 15 minutes.
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