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Zookeeper Mission!2 1.0.4

Game update on 07/05/2024. Created by Morning Explosion. Available for download in en.

The Lady Just Become an Adult, Pure Dumb Girl, "MINI" Saw Her Zookeeper Older Brother and His Girlfriend and Want to Be a Zookeeper.
Work Hard On Aquarium Just Opened, But Guests are Few.
Aquarium's Manager Who Maniac For Bestiality Cheat MINI For "Female Zookeeper's Mission Is Record a Bestiality Mating Video With Marine Animals and Increase The Revenue", and MINI Trust It.
First She Doesn't Like a Mating With Animals, But During The Aquarium Get Expand and Can Mating With New More Animals, But MINI Like To Have Mate With Animals and Get Fall Into the Sea Called "Female's Pleasure", and Can't Bear Without Have Mate With Marine Animals.
Guide Marine Animals to the Guests, Do Animal Show, And Make Happy Time With Kind People!

Game is avaialble for Windows
2D Game, 2DCG, Anal sex, Bestiality, Big tits, Censored, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Female Protagonist, Group sex, Handjob, Humor, Internal view, Incest, Japanese Game, Lactation, Management, Multiple penetration, Oral sex, Romance, Rpg, Sandbox, Sexual harassment, Urination, Vaginal sex,
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
■ Game Contents
- It Is a Bestiality Theme Zoo Management Comedy Simulation That
 Lady Just Become an Adult, "MINI" Mating With Aquarium's Animals and Find Her True Love.
- When Expand a Aquarium, There are New Animals Can Breed.
- There are 13 Species of Animals Can Breed.
- 30 Bestiality H-Scene (14 Bestiality H-Scene + 16 Bestiality Dot H-Scene)
 46 Sub H-Scene (26 Sub H-Scene + 10 Sub Dot H-Scene + 10 Sexual Harassment H-Scene)
- 13 Animals Guide, 2 Kind of MINI Game, Zoo Management Event.
- When Record a Bestiality Video, You Can Check Female Character's Status and SNS Reaction, and Ero Status.
- There are Story Events and H-Scene After Work In The Night Time.
- 46 H-scenes in the Reminiscence room (There are H-Scene That Cannot See In The Reminiscence room)
- 24 different pose art of protagonist MINI / 16 pose art of Other Characters.

■ System
【Aquarium Management】
・Guide Animals - Guide Animals to the Guests and Get Money.
・Clean Habitat - When The Animal's Habitat Is Clean,
 Can Get Bonus After the Guide.
・Fix Tank Filter MINI Game - Some Animal's Tank Get Dirty After Times.
 Guide Dirty Tank Make Reduce Revenue.
・Animal Show MINI Game - Some Animals Can Do Show.
 Make Happy Time To The Guests and Get Money.

【Advertise Management】
・It's a System That Advertise Aquarium Can Make More People Come.
 Radio - Get More Money By The Scale of Aquarium.
 SNS - Can Get More Money By Do Guide Animals and Animal Show.
 TV - Can Get More Money By Parking Area, Road, and Harbor.
 Build Support Facility - Build Facility That Support People Can Invite to The Aquarium Such As;
 Road, Parking Area, Harbor.

・There are CG Animations on H-Event and Guide Animals Event.
・There are Heroine's H-Voice On H-Scene. (Can Turn on/off)
・Animal sound effect on Animal guide event and B*stiality H-Event! (It can be turn on/off)
・After Saw H-Scene, There are Dot H-Scene That Simple To See.
・H Option To Choose The H-Scene's Describe
 (There are Some H-Scenes That Doesn't Show The Selected Option.)
 REC Screen - There are Camera's REC Screen Appear When Recording a B*stiality Video.
 Breast Milk - The Female Character Doesn't Pregnant, But She Can Make a Breast Milk.
 Urination - Female Get Nervous By Mating With Male Penis Get Pee.
 Uterine Prolapse - To Male Penis That Give Precious Semen, The Female Pussy Release It's Womb
 and Appreciate to Male.

【Bestiality Event】
・There are 13 Species of Animals.
 (Species of animals : Sea Lion, Dollphin, Manatee, Sea Otter, Beluga, Animals of Petting Zoo, Harbor Seal,
 Green Sea Turtle, Penguins, Walus, Polar Bear, Orca)
・There are 13 Bestiality H-Scene and 13 Dot H-Scene In Water and Outside.
・Feed Animals and Record B*estiality Video, Animals Get Fuck MINI More Powerful and Get Bonus Benefit.
 Before Record Bestiality Video, Get Sub H-Scene Or Get Sexual Harassment,
 MINI Can Record More Erotic Atmosphere Bestiality Video and Get More Money.
・After the B*stiality With Marine Animals, You Can Play Animal Show MINI Game.

【Sub H Event】
・It Is The H-Scene With Characters Afther The Work In Night Time.
・10 Story Events, 16 H-Scenes, 10 Sexual Harassment Events, 10 Dot H-Scenes.
 (Walk The City Without Panty, Get Sexual Harassment In Subway,
 H-Scene With Colleague Zookeeper, Inc*st Sex With Brother, Threesome)

【Erotic Status】
Ero Satus - When Female Character Have Sex With Animals or People,
Change the Use Count and Level of Lewd, Mouth, Pussy, Anal.
You Can Check Recent Mating Partner, Semen Gain From Male, Fountain Water, And Get Sexual Harassment's Count Get Changed.
SNS Status - When Aquarium Get Expand, Breed New Animals, And Do Animal Show, You Can Check
Reputation of Aquarium
Adult Site Status - You Can Check The People's Reactions of Bestiality Video When Have Bestiality Sex With New Animals.

Guide Animals, Aquarium Management, Advertise, and Animal Show!

・To Make Aquarium Get Famous and Prove She Is Mature To Her Brother,
 MINI Work Hard In Aquarium!
・Clean The Habitat, Feed the Animals, And Fix The Tank Filter!
・Advertise Aquarium to the People or Build Facility That Support People
 Can Invite Aquarium More Well!
 Manatee, Beluga, Harbor Seal, Green Sea Turtle, Penguins, Polar Bear.
 Guide 13 Species of Animals to the Guests!
 Do Animal Show With Sea Lion, Dolphin, Sea Otter, Penguins, Great White Shark,
 and Orca, And Make Happy Time To The Guests!

13 Species of Animals and Characters Mating With Pure Dumb Lady!

・By The Manager's Cheat That "Female Zookeeper's Mission Is
 Mating With Male Animals and Sell Video and Get Money For Aquarium",
 MINI Mating With A Lot of Marine Animals!

・Inside of Water and Outside, In front of Camera,
 The Marine Animals Use MINI's Pussy and Have Mate!
 Slow Sex With Cute Sea Otters, Two Hole Mating With Beluga Brothers,
 Climb Up The Walus and Put In Penis Her Self, Get Carrying Fuck With Polar Bear,
 and Orca's Huge Penis Cum A Lot of Semen Inside The Girl And Blow the Stomach.

・Not Just Animals, Sex With Many Characters Who Support MINI!
 Incest Sex With Older Brother, Sex With Colleague Zookeeper,
 Puppy Walk With Manager.
 Before Recording The Bestiality Video, Sex With Men or Get Sexual Harassment,
 Can Do More Erotic Record, and Get More Money!

Check Out Dumb Girl's Everything In Ero Status!

・Ero Status - When Female Character Have Sex With Animals or Men,
 The Use Count and Level of Lewd, Mouth, Breast, Pussy, Anal Has Changed.
 Can Check Semen Get From Male, Fountain Water,
 and Count of Get Sexual Harassment.

・SNS Status - When Aquarium Get Expand, Breed New Animals,
 Do Animal Show, Can Check reputation.

・Adult Site Status - When Have Bestiality Sex With New Animals,
 Can Check People's Reaction About The Video In Adult Site
 Where Sell The Bestiality Video.

Characters Introduction
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