Fairy Biography5: Demon poster
Fairy Biography5: Demon screenshotFairy Biography5: Demon screenshotFairy Biography5: Demon screenshotFairy Biography5: Demon screenshotFairy Biography5: Demon screenshotFairy Biography5: Demon screenshotFairy Biography5: Demon screenshotFairy Biography5: Demon screenshotFairy Biography5: Demon screenshot

Fairy Biography5: Demon Final

Game update on 24/04/2024. Created by Lovely Games. Available for download in en, jp, cn, ru.

Fairy Biography5: Demon is an interesting cannon shooting game. Players need to use mouse clicks to control gunpowder props, which can be fired continuously to clear all the treasure boxes in front of them!After completing the level, you can unlock the 1v1 confrontation with the demon spirits~​

Game is avaialble for Windows
3DCG, AI CG, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Male protagonist, Monster, Monster girl, Oral sex, Puzzle, Rape, Sex toys, Side-scroller, Vaginal sex, Voiced
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:

Game background:
This is a fantasy continent where werewolves, vampires, succubi, and humans coexist.
One day, vampires and succubi join forces and an endless war breaks out... Humanity has paid a heavy price here. As the king, you are exhausted and decide to sign a truce!
But I never thought that this was the beginning of the conspiracy...
The werewolf refuses all disturbances and takes sides, watching with cold eyes; the vampire agrees to a truce, but also has its own conditions; the succubus is good at seduction and controls everything; another human leader strives to maintain the order and peace of human society...
Today is the day when the truce agreement is signed. As the king, what will you do?
Character introduction:

Naughty and cute blonde vampire
Vampires are a group of mysterious and elegant creatures. They move in the night, feed on blood, have longevity and extraordinary power, but you can never guess what they are thinking! She can always bring you unexpected surprises, and her charming appearance is full of dangerous atmosphere! Wait, she has another identity?

The wise and holy human leader
As a human female general who is loved by many people, she seems to be full of exhaustion... In her eyes, contracts are more important than anything else. As long as you sign a contract with her about humans, she seems to be willing to do anything for you! I don’t know, how far can she do it?

A charming black-haired vampire
With a pair of captivating eyes, a head of black hair, and a pitiful look, you will never be able to forget her appearance with just one glance! Even if her appearance is a conspiracy...

The passionate and powerful red-haired succubus
Succubi are a group of creatures with charming charm and mysterious power. They can control the will and emotions of others and lure humans into confusion and desire. And don’t test their secrets, or the truth will swallow you up!

The dashing white-haired hunter
The hunter wanders between the dark night and is the nemesis of vampires and the guardian of mankind. He is silent but has first-rate skills. His silver hair shoots straight into his heart like a silver bullet.
What you will experience in this game:
Imaginary fantasy continent world view
Exquisite demon spirits under different camps
Interesting and casual mini-games
Ranking list
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