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Quantum v0.1

Game update on 02/04/2024. Created by FsfStudiowith renpy. Available for download in en.

Born in the countryside with your best friend, you always thought you'd grow up with her and live a peaceful life. However those plans quickly fall through following her disappearance. Years pass and nothing has ever come up about her until she begins appearing in your dreams, calling for your help. She tells you to move to the highly advanced cyber-city, Echelon. Will you find her in time or will you find a new life entirely?​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac
3DCG, Male Protagonist, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Big tits, Big ass, Romance
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
Thank you for trying out my new visual novel. It's my first time doing any of this kind of stuff so I know the scenes and stuff may look a bit strange here and there. I'm going to do my best to learn how to do everything as time goes on. If you have any advice or suggestions, feel free to let me know.
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