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Survival In Urban Carnal Environments 0.1.0

Game update on 28/03/2024. Created by jktulordwith html. Available for download in en.

A mysterious event happened somewhere in the eastern europe. The event contaminated the area, influencing the people inside it.
Some of the women were transformed into succubi, which in their turn ended up withering most of the male population. The withered turned ghouls of different kinds.
The impacted area was encased and encapsulated to protect the world from it. You traveled there with a group of researcher. Your group was ambushed and killed, except you.
Will you continue to research the unknown or will you try to tame it?

Game is avaialble for Windows
2D Game, AI CG, Male Protagonist, Text Based, Combat, Management, Sandbox, Simulator
How to install:
1. Extract.
2. Run the Start.bat file.
Developer comments:
This game is heavily inspired by such games as Pathologic, Fear and Hunger and EFT.
Currently the game in a quite an early state, but a lot of simulative and immersive mechanics and systems expected.
Future features planned :
  • Factions and reputation: Succubi, Bandits, Researchers, ETC
  • Research: Making reports about creatures inhabiting the area to gain money from the outside, as well as researching skills which directly would be powering the player
  • Wandering characters: enemies like bandits or succubi will be named, simulated, traveling between locations and even looting. They will be able to be killed, befriended, seduced or infuriated.
  • Shelter expanded: upgrades and ability to bring the friendly characters to the shelter and have to work there(with occasional shagging)
  • Sex system: a much more detailed stamina based system, navigating through which will be crucial to survive encounters with succubi.
The form and feature might evolve or change depending on what the factors during the implementation.
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11.2 MB7Z4/2/2024

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