Robo nursery: A Robo-Nanny Game screenshotRobo nursery: A Robo-Nanny Game screenshot
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Robo nursery: A Robo-Nanny Game v1.0

Game update on 26/03/2024. Created by babybunchwith other. Available for download in en.

Create a character and traverse a randomly generated dungeon, solving puzzles and completing challenges to make it to the end. If you're too slow or fail too many times, however, watch out, because Robo-Nanny will get you!

Robo-Nursery is a spinoff of Robo-Nanny in both tabletop card game/RPG hybrid (think Chainsaw Warrior or Betrayal at House on the Hill) and text-based PC adventure game form. As a single player with a single six-sided die (or the PC version of the game), you'll progress through a random dungeon. In the tabletop version, you can also play with a party and a game host in a custom designed dungeon using similar rules.

Robo-Nursery features art from StinkySheepie illustrating the items you will pick up as well as art from Pastel-Hime of important characters and several of the many possible endings to the game.​

Game is avaialble for Windows
Character Creation, Text Based, Adventure, Combat, Dystopian setting, Fantasy
How to install:
Open with your favorite browser
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