S3X Scenario - Interactive Couple Audio-Stories Game poster
S3X Scenario - Interactive Couple Audio-Stories Game screenshotS3X Scenario - Interactive Couple Audio-Stories Game screenshotS3X Scenario - Interactive Couple Audio-Stories Game screenshotS3X Scenario - Interactive Couple Audio-Stories Game screenshotS3X Scenario - Interactive Couple Audio-Stories Game screenshot

S3X Scenario - Interactive Couple Audio-Stories Game v1.0

Game update on 25/02/2024. Created by L3V STUDIOwith renpy. Available for download in en.

It’s a game, or more accurately an audio-game, with an innovative approach to exploring intimacy and sexuality with your partner.
Step into the role of protagonists within our erotic stories, immersing yourselves in the experience through evocative narration and guided directions that lead you through the storyline.
SpoilerHow Does It Work?
S3X Scenario will allow you to be the protagonists of tantalizing erotic stories.
Each player wears a wireless earbud to receive individualized instructions from the guiding voice. You, following the instructions of this voice, will bring to life stories full of passion.
But this voice won’t merely be a guide, giving you instructions. It will serve two other purposes.

It will continuously immerse yourself in the story and your characters, progressing the narrative.
This deep involvement intensifies the realism of the experience, enabling you to truly take in the story.
By embodying the role, you can let go of inhibitions and making the encounter more gratifying and memorable.

But the most important thing it will do is to create mental suggestions, carefully designed to stimulate the imagination, creating an intensified sensory experience that enhances the overall level of arousal and pleasure.

Currently there is only one story, that of Episode 00, but the stories that will appear in the future will be the most varied, from stereotypical mainstream fantasies to niche and sought-after things. Only the sky is the limit.

The basic idea is always to create a balanced experience that always meets both the man’s and the woman’s tastes.
To create something different and spicy there may be a little imbalance on one side or the other, but both sides will always be satisfied in the end.
The same kind of balance will also always be there between passion and eroticism.

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Romance, RPG, Teasing, Simulator, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Multiple protagonist, Humor, Adventure, Mobile game,
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
Requires the use of a pair of wireless earbud and Bluetooth (usb dongle or motherboard integrated) to connect them to.
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