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Elf Discipline Ceremony screenshotElf Discipline Ceremony screenshotElf Discipline Ceremony screenshotElf Discipline Ceremony screenshotElf Discipline Ceremony screenshotElf Discipline Ceremony screenshotElf Discipline Ceremony screenshotElf Discipline Ceremony screenshotElf Discipline Ceremony screenshot

Elf Discipline Ceremony Final

Game update on 25/02/2024. Created by Flag shadow. Available for download in en, jp, cn.

One day, you and an elf are kidnapped and imprisoned by a mysterious cult. For some reason, they're having you take part in a week-long erotic ritual. If you don't take part, you can never leave. Do your best to regain your freedom!​

Game is avaialble for Windows
2DCG, Anal sex, Animated, Adventure, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Fantasy, Handjob, Male protagonist, Monster girl, Rpg, Simulator, Strategy, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Japanese game
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:

A cult named "Lord of lust Sect" captures sacrifices worldwide to unlock the seal of the "Lord of lust", esteemed by them.
One day, a man is kidnapped and imprisoned by this mysterious cult. Alongside him is a cute fairy girl, also captured like you.
Players must follow the fairy girl through a seven-day sex ritual,
providing essence to unlock the "Lord of lust" 's seal.
In order to escape, you must do that.

◆Game play
In this seven-day sex ritual with the fairy,
choose the intimate activities indicated on the cards for the ritual.
Advance the game's storyline through arranging cards and engaging in touch-based gameplay.
Strengthen your abilities by accumulating action points (AP) and repeat the rituals until cult's goals are achieved.

◆ Character

Occupation:Novice Adventurer Hailing from East Village,
she yearned for the life of an adventurer and embarked on her journey.
However, shortly after leaving her village, she fell into the trap of
a secret cult and is now imprisoned with you at an unknown altar.

Heailing frome the village of weist,
Lily enjoys her life as the village librarian, buried in her books
and rarely interacting with others.She has a quiet demeanor and has a habit of muttering to herself.
On a fateful day out shopping, she was abducted when passing through an alleyway.
Upon walking up, she found herself at the altar resting beside you.

Beatrice hails from South Village and leads a peaceful life as a florist.
Her lovely appearance and gentle personality have attracted quite many suitors.
However, she lacked interest in romance and chose to enjoy a single life.
On an evening when she prepared to close shop,she was abducted by a group of
strangers and woke up in an alter beside you.
◆Game feature
◇H events are entirely presented in live2D animation, sexuality off the chart.
◇Unique in-game enhancement system.
◇Choose from three available characters.

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2.21 GBRAR0/1/2024

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