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Mistbreakers v0.1.0

Game update on 27/02/2024. Created by Pizza Pixelwith unrealengine. Available for download in en.

Dive into a world engulfed by a malevolent mist, spawning monstrous foes that threaten humanity's survival. Led by Optix, Wonder Jade, and Tempestra, use your powers to keep the mist at bay. Battle through waves of enemies and upgrade your abilities to become the ultimate hero. But be warned, for the mist not only corrupts the natural world but also unleashes humanity's most carnal desires. You may have to turn to your allies to satisfy your lustful needs.
Spoiler: Gameplay:The core gameplay loop was inspired by games such as Vampire Survivors, Yet Another Zombie Survivors, and Hades. It's a roguelite, bullet heaven, survivors game where you can control 3 heroes at the same time. Build active and passive skill synergies between the heroes to fight the waves of enemies.

Game is avaialble for Windows
3D Game, Male protagonist, Combat, Superpowers, Animated, Big tits, Big ass, Handjob, Oral Sex, Vaginal sex, Facesitting, Sci-fi, Bullet Heaven

Planned tags: Titjob, Footjob, Anal sex, Female domination, Masturbation, Group sex, MILF
How to install:
1. Extract and run the exe file.
Developer comments:
  • There is no NTR content and there never will be.
  • The main gameplay loop was inspired by Vampire Survivors and Hades.
  • I'm making the game on my own, so your feedback is much appreciated! I plan to improve both the combat mode and the sex mode.
  • Please feel free report any bugs or issues you encounter. Thank you!
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