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Guilty Loving Boxing 4.3

Game update on 10/02/2024. Created by Tsufusha. Available for download in en, jp, cn.

"Guilty Loving Boxing" is a 3D boxing game for single players only. There are 17 characters in total, 11 female and 6 male. You can play female-on-female, male-on-male and even mixed gender fights. You can also choose from various costumes, glove colors, headgear, etc.​

Game is avaialble for Windows
3D Game, Animated, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Multiple Protagonist, Japanese Game, Voiced, Big Tits, Nudity, Combat, No Sexual Content, Character Customization, Simulator
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
Nobody really knows who set up the underground boxing ring "Guilty Boxing".
Matches are organized via an app, and after gathering combatants, a location is secured.
It could be a gymnasium, a rental hall, or even somewhere in the mountains.
- Includes basic moves such as punches, guarding, and clinches.
- Deal enough damage to your opponent to see bruises on their face and body.
- Enter training mode to fight an opponent who won't fight back.
- Set up bouts between CPU characters, sit back, and enjoy.
- Switch between first and third-person perspectives.
- 4 maps - "Gymnasium", "Practice Room", "Hotel Room", "Mountain".
- Different costumes including swimsuits, or topless for female characters, and underpants for male characters.
- Changes the match rules regarding bout length and being down, change the background music and voices.
Play with all the above settings to create your ideal matchups!
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