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Maiden Matrix 0.1

Game update on 01/02/2024. Created by Passion Project Gamingwith rpgm. Available for download in en.

Maiden Matrix is primarily an Adult RPG, Dating Sim, and City Management game. The people you meet will all have unique schedules and lives as they follow a day/night cycle using a real-time clock. With a focus on story and world building, the aim is to give you the freedom of fine control over how your Sector operates and your interactions with the people that live in it.
SpoilerThe mountains have mysteriously moved once more, revealing a brand new sector. You've been voted governor of Sector 10, tasked with building a new place to live for the denizens of The Enclosures. Govern your way to prosperity and profit with good old democracy, or an iron fist, under the watchful eyes of The Congregation. There are many mysteries to discover among the sectors. Political discourse, shady historical records, the recurrent story of an ancient goddess, towering walls of earth that move themselves, and a lot more. The choices are yours, Governor.
As Maiden Matrix continues development, you'll be able to:
Tend to the earth for raw materials and use them to build new homes and other locations, or work a job and pay someone to do it for you. Build relationships with coworkers and neighbors, then move them into your sector. Take them with you and hang out around the sectors, or get risky in public. Discover new technologies and break the limits of what's thought possible. It's your sector, create a life (and harem!) for yourself.

Game is avaialble for Windows
3DCG, 2D Game, Male Protagonist, Voyeurism, Adventure, Dating Sim, Management, Rpg

Planned Content:
Animated, Female Protagonist, Anal Sex, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Footjob, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Interracial, Lesbian, Masturbation, Milf, Multiple Penetration, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Sex Toys, Slave, Spanking, Stripping, Tentacles, Teasing, Titfuck, Transformation, Vaginal Sex, Dystopian setting, Fantasy, Horror, Monster Girl, PoV, Puzzle (Skippable), Religion, Sandbox, School Setting, Sci-Fi, Trainer, TBD...
How to install:
1. Extract and run 'Game.exe'.
Developer comments:
- Hello!

I do hate to plug, it cringes me out. However, I am but one person doing this in my spare time and there is nothing more I'd love to do than throw myself at this full time, and with higher quality assets, but it's impossible to achieve these goals without support.

-If you like the game and want to see:
- Roadmap
- Update Specifics
- About 'Passion Project Gaming'
- Special Perks/In-Game Powers

Please consider visiting my patreon: []

-Supporters are given power to influence the development of the game through votes, community interaction, and direct feedback to me, or even access test builds. I want you to enjoy being a part of this as much as I do.

-Thank you again for your time.
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Maiden Matrix v0.1-5...-57d383.7z
1.47 GB7Z4/1/2024

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