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Siren's Song v0.1.1

Game update on 18/01/2024. Created by Jonesywith renpy. Available for download in en.

OK, so, see that cute girl up there? That is Charlotte Cooper, or "Charlie" for short (all of her names can be changed in-game). She is a fun-loving, impetuous young lady who enjoys sunbathing, posting things to Instacam, and streaming herself playing video games on Switch. She was looking forward to spending her summer basking in the sun on the beach with her two besties, Kim and Sabrina. That was until her mom, Rachel, had to leave to go overseas for work, leaving Charlotte with no one to look after her.
Spoiler: More story information continues....Charlie's impulsiveness has gotten her and her friends into trouble in the past, making it difficult for Rachel to trust her being left home alone for months on end. Charlotte, who will be turning 18 in just a few days would beg to differ.

Enter Bobby (MC), Charlotte's father and Rachel's estranged husband (name can be changed). Bobby is a singer/songwriter. He has been playing music most of his adult life, but has only enjoyed modest success. This way of life has kept him out of the picture for years, causing Charlotte to feel somewhat detached and resentful.

He started out playing guitar in punk rock bands. He toured the country with them a few times, put out a few records, and had a lot of fun, but he really found his true love when he picked up an acoustic guitar and went solo. Over the years he has put out a few albums and toured the world with many other bands. Although he never made it "big", he is considered by some to be one the great influences of folk-rock. Charlotte is oblivious to all of this, so when she is forced to go on tour with Bobby for the summer, she is less than thrilled. The idea of being cooped up in a van with her dad is pretty yucky.

It will be up to Bobby to win back Charlotte's affections and show her how much fun traveling and playing music can be. Lucky for him, Charlotte is a little more like her dad than Rachel realizes.

This story does take place in the "Jonesy" universe, but it takes place 5 or 6 years prior to the events in "Christmas Eve" and "New Year's Day(e)".

Game is avaialble for Win, Linux, Mac
3DCG, Kinetic Novel, Male Protagonist, Romance, Teasing, Virgin
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
I hope you enjoy playing chapter 1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me feedback! I want to know if you all are as excited about this story as I am!

Hit me up on Discord and let me know what you think. Or, if you do enjoy it and want to help support my work, feel free to do so on Patreon or Subscribestar, it's greatly appreciated.

And, as always, thanks for all your support and interest in my games.

~ Jonesy
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