Game update on 05/01/2024. Created by Lazy Gemwith renpy. Available for download in en.

In the wake of his home planet, Neonine's, catastrophic destruction, a freshly graduated interstellar fleet captain finds himself at the helm of a damaged spaceship. Alongside his skilled and loyal crew, including his girlfriend Naomi, a navigation expert, and friends Ethan, a starship mechanic, Lizbeth, a spaceship security agent, and Alice, a spaceship scientist, they must navigate the vast unknown reaches of space. Now, they must travel to the stars and distant galaxies to survive and uncover the secrets behind the destruction of their home world and everything that comes with it.

Amidst the danger and chaos, the interplay of romance and friendship becomes a vital source of strength. As personal relationships evolve, choices made throughout the journey can lead to passion, heartache, and growth.

Create bonds with your friends and crew, meet new and interesting characters while traveling to distant and distant worlds each one with its unique setting and vibe, and become the captain of your destiny.​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
3dcg, male protagonist, adventure, animated , vaginal sex, big tits, creampie, harem, fantasy , mobile game, voiced, sci-fi,
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
Characteristics. (Some of them are still to be implemented into the game.)

  • Beautiful Art backgrounds!
I know the importance of the game art, it’s one of its cores to make us feel like the world around the story is alive and breathing. I wanted to create something unique with an art style that stood out from older projects.

  • Branching Paths with Different Outcomes!
Different choices lead to different scenarios and outcomes for the story and the character’s development. Nobody wants to make a choice only to find out it made little to no difference whatsoever.

  • A LOT Of Characters for you to interact with!
Not all of them will be as fleshed out as others, but I want it to feel like you are not seeing the same faces everywhere you go. Plus, the setting for the game allows me to create a variety of characters from even other races like elves, monster girls, and furry for those that enjoy that type of content. Of course, if you don’t, you will be able to completely avoid it.

  • 60 FPS Adult animations.
I wanted to make sure that the adult scenes feel as good as possible so I managed to bring the animations to an HD quality with a good 60 FPS so the action always feels smooth and enjoyable!

  • FULLY VOICED adult images and animations.
If you enjoy the sound as much as me, this game is for you. Every adult scene will have a distinctive voice for every girl so you feel like each one of them has its own personality! No more generic sounds for the moaning and screaming during the steamy action!

The main goal for the game is to have a bit of everything for everyone to enjoy! I want to include all types of fetishes for every type of player, and yes, as it was said before, you will be able to choose which one you want to try and which you don’t!

  • A great variety of scenarios!
The game's setting allows me to create many diverse stories and adult scenes. You can expect to see a lot of different scenarios and situations for you to experience!

There's a lot of content coming next so if you would like to see it first and have access to a set of different rewards, please consider supporting me on “Patreon”. It would mean a lot!
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