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Dickgirl Dorm Revamp 0.2

Game update on 31/12/2023. Created by Icarus Mediawith renpy. Available for download in en.

The revamp of the popular Dickgirl Dorm. Be a caretaker/maintenance person on a college campus full of futas/dickgirls.
You can even include your spouse and/or best friend too!​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac
Futanari, Swinging, Netorase, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Futa Protagonist (planned), vaginal sex, oral sex, romance, religion, group sex (planned), Sandbox
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
My characters always give negative responses in my playthrough?
As of 0.2. I haven't configured the code that changes their likes and dislikes so they are currently on a neutral to meh setting with other people and hobbies. When that code is in it will roll each new game so that each new game you make the likes and dislikes of the girls changes, meaning you have to be on your toes not to bring up a topic they dislike.

Stats i.e. energy, time of day etc aren't changing?
As of 0.2 like above I haven't put that in yet.

I don't like Politics and Religion in my games, you are forcing me to be uncomfortable?
You are free to not play the game, thank you.

Who is the best girl?
I'm afraid I can't discuss that.

Will there be pregnancy?
That is a possibility, I considered having Yolanda have her science skills to somehow accelerate pregnancy for you and/or spouse depending on gender.

Will there be Netorare?
It's mainly netorase, although there will be times that the line may blur. I'm on the fence with this one as one of the drawbacks of the old project was creating 2 for everything vis a vis a netorare and a netorase route.

Will we have the internal screens back so we can see how filled we or our spouse are?
Yes, but I will be putting them on a character screen as one of the complaints of the old project was the GUI being basic.

Is it true about you and Ryahn at the annual F95 get together?
I can neither confirm nor deny these alleged allegations. Talk to my lawyer.

Will there be Incest?
No since none of your relations are in the game.

I keep having to click to get events?
This was a criticism of the old version as well, I've heard you and will in future versions if you don't meet the event conditions an alternative event will happen rather than a blank screen or useless clicking.
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1.71 GBZIP0/11/2023
1.68 GBZIP0/11/2023

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