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Waste Management Consultant 0.01

Game update on 14/12/2023. Created by Sgt. Pepperwith html. Available for download in en.

The words kept echoing in my head, relentless and unchanging: Your father is dead. It's still hard for me to comprehend the true extent of what that means. He was only forty years old; his own father, my grandfather, lived much longer despite our line of work. And yet here I am, sitting at his funeral, staring at his lifeless body in an open casket. I know I'm the heir, I'm next in line, but do I have what it takes?

This is inspired primarily by the TellTale game series, alongside bits of Sopranos and other bits of media that I consume. A secondary inspiration to even get me started on this was G28 and College Daze.

Open to ideas!

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Max


Extract and play.

developer notes

Use of A.I.
Spoiler: Use of AIHello all, just wanted to mention the use of AI generated images in the game. I dislike AI imagery and hate that it is putting real artists out of work. But I also do not currently have the capacity to hire an artist to help with special renders for the game just yet, I also do not feel that a patreon is necessary for one version of the game. Trust has to be built and that requires many iterations and updates along the way.

The plan is to replace all A.I imagery ASAP for real art that contains soul.
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