Vessel Tactics screenshotVessel Tactics screenshotVessel Tactics screenshotVessel Tactics screenshotVessel Tactics screenshotVessel Tactics screenshotVessel Tactics screenshot
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Vessel Tactics v0.03a

Game update on 19/11/2023. Created by MeshiSOFTWORKSwith unity. Available for download in en.

Vessel Tactics is a Turn-based Strategy RPG inspired by a certain tactical series and mobile gacha games. It seeks to create gameplay which is not only interesting and fun, but where vore scenarios occur naturally and reward the player.​

Game is avaialble for Windows
Turn based combat, 2d game, 2dcg, Monster girl, Vore, Eroge, Big tits
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
  • Left Click: Confirm/Select
  • Right Click: Cancel/Skip Battle
  • WASD: Camera movement
  • Q/E: Camera rotation
  • ESC: Options menu
  • X: Toggle enemy AI
  • P: Open Debug menu (Sandbox mode only)
New Feature: Sandbox Mode

While in sandbox mode, right-click to enter free-camera, then press 'P' to open the debug menu.

Gameplay Overview:
  • This is a Pre-Alpha, so many of the assets are still placeholder. This includes the enemies, so enemy dialogue may be somewhat strange!
  • Despite the gacha theming, this will be a standalone single-player game with no micro-transactions.
  • Units can be defeated by being eaten and digested (Over the course of several turns.) Digesting a unit will give the predator EXP and restore their Health and Energy.
  • Each unit has a certain stomach capacity, and will lose speed and movement for each other unit they swallow. Units can swallow other units up to one above their capacity, at which point they will become immobilized.
  • Units with a single prey in their stomach can still be eaten.
  • Units will become easier to vore the lower their HP is. If a predator's HP is reduced to 0, all units inside them will be freed and they will no longer be able to move or resist vore.
  • In the lobby, you can set your favorite vessel to be your secretary. Secretaries have three different sets of lines depending on whether they are unfed, have swallowed the Commander, or have eaten other vessels.
  • In typical gacha fashion, vessels can be upgraded by feeding them other vessels.
  • There is currently no interaction between the lobby and battle scenes, though there will be eventually.
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