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A Touch of Magic v19-11-2023

Game update on 19/11/2023. Created by First Sin, JADwith renpy. Available for download in en.

A Touch of Magic is an interactive visual novel set in the fictional city, Solestra Hills, a safe heaven for Fayes, magical beings that have been living among the humans for a long time, all thanks to the Eight Families. You will be playing as a young man and the owner of the nightclub, First Sin, Giovanni Beneventi (You can change the name).

On a day like any other, you receive a visit from the elder of the Nobunaga Family, Hideo, who asks your help to hide and protect a young Nephilim, a being of extreme magical power, but everything goes out of control when Hideo is murdered and you are the prime suspect. Now it's up to you to protect the young Nephilim, discover the truth about the murder and reconnect with your past. All of that while having lots of fun with many women.​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux
3dcg, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, harem, fantasy, milf, teasing, oral sex, animated, superpowers, footjob
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:

A Touch of Magic is a choice-driven adult Visual Novel featuring:
  • A rich world lore, characters backstories and motivations.
  • 20 main girls to romance, each with their own motivations and fetishes.
  • More than 15 side women to hookup and have fun.
  • Many secret photos to unlock while playing.
  • Bonus lewd scenes to unlock while playing, varying between different fetishes, clothes, and situations.
  • Plenty of lewd scenes with many women.
  • Season 1 will feature Chapters 1 to 4
A rich story with many characters

A rich and captivating story that introduces you to a diverse cast of characters. From the enigmatic Fayes to the charming inhabitants of Solestra Hills, you'll forge connections, build alliances, and confront your past while navigating a web of intricate relationships. Each character brings their own unique story, secrets, and desires, adding depth and dimension to the immersive world of this visual novel. Will you uncover their hidden truths and find your place among them?

Uncover a dark and mysterious conspiracy

Dive deep into the shadows of Solestra Hills as you uncover a dark and mysterious conspiracy. As you protect the young Nephilim and seek the truth behind Hideo's murder, you'll peel back the layers of deception, intrigue, and betrayal that shroud this mystical city. Will you be able to unravel the enigmatic threads of this web of deceit and discover the shocking secrets hidden beneath the surface?

Date the woman (or women) of your dreams

You'll have the enchanting opportunity to date the woman (or women) of your dreams. Forge meaningful connections, engage in heartfelt conversations, and navigate the complexities of love and relationships in the magical world of Solestra Hills. Will you find your true soulmate among the diverse and captivating characters that await you?

Build your harem

You have the chance to build your own harem, surrounded by a cast of alluring and enchanting women. As you explore the world of Solestra Hills, your charisma, choices, and actions will determine who becomes a part of your exclusive circle. With each romantic pursuit, you'll unlock new dimensions of the story and deepen your connections with these captivating characters. The power to shape your own destiny and cultivate meaningful relationships awaits you. Are you ready to create your personal harem in this magical world? Different girls, each with their own tastes, motivations, and, of course, fetishes.

Find secret photos and unlock bonus scenes

Find mischievous little demons known as Imps, they are hidden and scattered throughout the scenes, finding them unlocks very spicy secret images. Advancing the game's story also unlocks bonus scenes to view in the gallery, they vary between various situations and fetishes.

By purchasing the first season in Early Access you will get the updates the day they are released and the full first season once it is completed. Same goes for future seasons.

A Touch of Magic Season 2, and future seasons, will continue the story and be released and sold separately as DLC.
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1.27 GBRAR0/10/2023

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