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Witch Hunter Izana v1.00

Game update on 02/11/2023. Created by Bottled Starlight. Available for download in en.

Witch Hunter Izana is a bite sized transformation RPG! Take control of a zealous hunter sent to assess an island cut off from the outside world. Joined by a Knight-Errant and a Hedge-Witch, Izana will hack, slash, and shoot to release the island from the transformative grasp of sinister monsters.

Game is avaialble for Windows


2DCG, 2D Game, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Furry, Monster, Monster girl, Multiple endings, Nudity, No sexual content, Transformation, Turn based combat, Prostitution, Rpg, Sandbox,

How to install:

1. Extract and run.

Developer comments:

Bottled Starlight is back with an exciting new addition to the Runes of Pandemonium universe!

Meet Izana the Witch Hunter- a brand new character with a will to peruse, accuse, and slay all those that may stand against the church! Alongside this steely eyed woman are the Knight Errant Caelyn, a rambunctious young woman with hopeful dreams and a sword to back it up, and the Bog Witch Cyrano, a helpful 'heretic' and all around mage that keeps things level for the group. These three will embark on a quest to end the partirhuman curse plaguing a small island and defeat the vampiress in charge!

Veterans of retro gaming will recognize the familiar combat system-harkening to turn based party battle systems like the original Final Fantasy-with a new blend of twists and gameplay mechanics to keep them on their toes. While newcomers to the series can enjoy the story and witty dialogue without worry of missing out on crucial story elements from the other games and enjoy cozy sprites and classic pixel-art atmosphere!

Witch Hunter Izana features a brand new transformation system that will set it aside from previous games, with multiple varied endings to explore for added replay value! Will you end up betrothed to the overlord? Perhaps stuck in a warehouse for eternity sorting bones? The choices are yours!

Alongside the blend of new and old mechanics and stories is the introduction of modern mechanics such as ability and upgrade tuning through gems! Crafting new items! And mid-combat status effects that can turn the battle upside down in an instant!

Other features include: LGBT inclusivity! Dolls! And of course, Corgis! The most fantastic gameplay feature to have!

Will Izana prevail under your guidance? Only you can make that choice!
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