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Bad ass babes 3.0

Game update on 22/10/2023. Created by Thatcher Productions. Available for download in en.

Earth has been invaded by an alien race. Men are being captured and turned into mutant soldiers whilst the women are being herded like cattle to be used for the alien breeding program.

To survive the mutiple births and to ensure the hybrid experiments are a success the aliens endow the women with special strength and power.

A few of these women are rising up against the invasion and plan to take on the aliens and anyone else in their way. They must battle the enemy to join the resistance group known as the Bad ass babes.

Game is avaialble for Windows
Combat, Female protagonist, Multiple protagonist, 2d game, Side-scroller, Real porn, Adventure,
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:

Mon, February 14, 2022
Our brand new game Private dancer Avalon has been released !
You are in a strip club and have the lovely Avalon seducing you with her dancing wanting all your attention.
Match the corrosponding commands within time to show your focus and receive special rewards.
Each level gets harder and the rewards more juicy.
This game is uncensored and contains explicit XXX scenes including full motion video cutscenes.

  • 8 unique story driven video cutscenes
  • 7 unique levels
  • A bonus survival/ endless mode for experts wanting the ultimate challenge.
  • Bonus demo of upcoming game in series Private dancer Asia (starring Asia from the smash hit video game Bad ass babes)
  • Bonus videos
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458 MB7Z0/9/2023

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