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Only You -Re Cross- Final

Game update on 02/10/2023. Created by Alice Soft. Available for download in en.

Yuuji Magami is a member of the Houou Academy martial arts club. He trains hard every day, supported by his adorable younger sister Megumi, his childhood friend Akizuki, his underclassman Misaki, and his best friend Wakato.
One day, however, his daily life changes dramatically after the mysterious Brand of Doom appears on his right arm. From that day forward, he is targeted by a group of assassins dispatched from all over the world as the being who will bring ruin to the world.
Yuuji wails in sorrow over the loss of his loved ones. His sorrow turns to anger and hate, and he vows to fight against his cruel fate.
Eight girls appear before him.
As their fates intertwine, Yuuji comes to know his one true love...​

Game is avaialble for Windows
2DCG, BDSM, Censored, Furry, Group sex, Japanese game, Male protagonist, Management, Multiple endings, Oral sex, Rape, Rpg, Turn based combat,
How to install:
  1. Japanese locale is required to run the game properly.
  2. Extract to desired location.
  3. Run _inmm238.exe to install BGM.
  4. Run System39.exe to play.
Japanese locale emulator can be downloaded here
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424 MBRAR1/9/2023
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