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Luna Fighter 1.02

Game update on 02/10/2023. Created by Eropixel. Available for download in en.

The sound of the exploration ship StarQuest's engines rumbled forward through the boundless space of the universe. Luna and her crew were on a mission, hoping to find life on an alien planet and make an astronomical discovery. However, the planet they arrived on was not what they expected and was filled with a threatening atmosphere.

Composed of irregular terrain and unique rock formations, the planet was inhabited by previously unseen plant and animal life. These, however, proved hostile, and Luna and her crew approached cautiously. Suddenly, countless alien life forms attacked with weapons. A fierce battle ensued, and the crew members fought back with powerful weapons and tactics.
SpoilerLuna led the battle, coordinating each crew member to carry out his or her mission. She deployed smart tactics and strove to eliminate the enemy. In the process, she discovered previously unimagined capabilities and technologies of alien life forms.

As the battle continued, the crew tried to understand why the enemy was so aggressive. With the help of crew members who were linguists, Luna tried to analyze the enemy's communication methods. Eventually, she learned that they were trying to counter the invasion of another alien race that was targeting the planet's resources.

Luna and her crew communicated this to Lumias and proposed cooperation. Lumias accepted, and the two decided to work together to confront the looming threat. Combining their strengths, Crew and Lumias repelled the invasion of an alien race and made the planet safe again. Through this experience, both sides gained a better understanding of each other's culture and technology and pledged to work together to defend against space threats while maintaining a peaceful cooperative relationship.

Game is avaialble for Windows
2D game, Censored, Creampie, Combat, Female protagonist, Japanese game, Monster, Rape, Rpg, Side-scroller, Vaginal sex
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
Start a new adventure with your passion and skill! Lunar Fighter is a single-player, blow-by-blow action game that invites you into a fantasy world.

Lunar Fighter: The Fantasy Battlefield

Experience the source of all combat, the essence of striking. Smooth animations and a variety of visual effects provide a richer action. Combine powerful blows with quick movements for hours of fun.

Explore a fantastic world

The world of Lunar Fighter is full of astonishing fantasy and danger. Explore different terrains and environments, find hidden items and unlock secrets. And experience the challenge of battling powerful boss monsters.

Beautiful Graphics and Sound

Lunar Fighter captivates the eyes and ears with beautiful backgrounds and gorgeous visual effects. Night battles, aerial combat above the clouds, secret forests, and many other locations will delight your eyes. In-game sound effects and music add to the tension and excitement of the battles.

True Combat Appeal

Lunar Fighter" is the perfect blend of striking excitement and strategic fun. The powerful blows toward the enemy and the quick movements in sudden situations will test your skills. Become a true warrior through battles with various enemies and boss monsters.

Lunar Fighter" is a game filled with rich fantasy worlds and blistering action, where you can use your skills and strategy to save or conquer the world. Dive into the world of "Lunar Fighter" now and start an endless adventure!

How to enjoy the game
Earn coins by defeating monsters
Go to NPCs in the lobby to level up your skills
Level up from Rape Resistance
So it's a little easier to play!
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