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Dungeon of Meat v1.05

Game update on 05/08/2023. Created by pompompain. Available for download in en.

Helpless people are caught and sorted by monsters・・・.
A girl who, unlike others, is fainted by being given drugs rather than freshly baked marks.
When I woke up, I was sleeping in a box in a strange dungeon・・・.
Can we do something to scratch the eyes of the monsters and get out of the unidentified dungeon?
Many Gore expressions!There is also a chubby!
SpoilerHumans and genie had a long war.
The knights and heroes of the kingdom overwhelmed the genie, and the human victory approached.
However, the formation changes as the King of Oak joins the army of the genie.
Humans pushed by the volume of things. The thin remote villages were burned down and.

And a girl living in the countryside is also caught by a demon as a valuable prisoner of war.
A girl brought to a witch fortress. Touch the goblin and rank it.
But unlike others who are forced to wear rice, they are given drugs and faint・・・.

Game is avaialble for Windows


3D Game, Animated, Japanese Game, Female Protagonist, Small tits, Big tits, Cross-section View (X-ray), Fantasy, Interspecies Sex, Bestiality, Bizarre/Eccentric, Blood/Bleeding, Ryona/Brutal, Guro, Graphic Violence, Drugs, Sex Toys, Futa, Loli, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Crempie, Multiple Penetration, Rape, Pregnancy, Combat, Cosplay, Adventure, Platforming, Multiple Endings, Lactation
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