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Isadora The Wife Explorer 0.1

Game update on 26/07/2023. Created by Icarus Mediawith renpy. Available for download in en.

Hola Senhor's and Senhorita's! Is your husband not doing it for you anymore? Are you spending lonely nights doing all the chores while he drinks beer and watches sport? Or maybe you're the guy and you get off on watching? Or you're the experimental type that wants to try it yourself? Either way your satisfaction is 99.9% guaranteed with me: Isadora, and my business: ISADORA THE WIFE EXPLORER.
SpoilerIn this Kinetic Visual novel, follow our Colombian Futanari protagonist as goes about her business of cucking husbands and boyfriends and thoroughly satisfying wives and girlfriends! Even the occasional male will be on the receiving end of her services! As a Latina she may even have to persuade Southern Rednecks, Evangelical Christians and MAGA Supporters. She's got her work cut out for her, and what's a story without an antagonist right? Well her Futanari Rival Tiffany 'MAGA Mum' Stars, as in the Stars and Stripes, a devout US nationalist, ex US Army Soldier with 3 tours of the Middle East, a devout patriot, Republican and owner of a nice 5 bed house in the Suburbs will also have appearances in some episodes.

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac


3dcg, animated, futa protagonist, vaginal sex, creampie, big ass, big tits, voyeurism, kinetic novel, cheating,

How to install:

1. Extract and run.

Developer comments:

Will this contain Netorare?
I'm aiming for it NOT to have that, she gets off on cucking others. That said the game will have scenes depicted other people (such as a husband and wife, or Isadora's futanari friends doing people, occasionally some of which she will join in too! But she's not gonna have a girlfriend or wife, nor enjoy humiliation etc. So whilst Sharing is appropriate I don't think the Netorare tag would be. Anything with even sharing in I will tag in the episode menu itself, I know how sensitive people can be.

What's happening to Futa Grandma 2?
Nothing, that is still the MAIN FOCUS, this was always a side project which will get infrequent updates as and when patrons vote for it and vote on the next scenario to be done, but Futa Grandma 2 is as of writing the main game and focus, I just wanted something a bit different, where we have the bull perspective, plus I haven't forgotten I once said to Redpillblues I would make a none Netorare game

Why a Colombian?
Mainly because my once so far and only so far encounter with a latin was working in a hotel alongside one, and the guy was as nice as pie, he used to bring the night team, of which I was a part of, home cooked food from his place each shift, he lived 2 train journeys and a 3 mile walk away and still made it in for every shift, it left a positive impression on me, so much that when I came up with the idea of a background for the character I made her a Colombian. That and I didn't want the usual BBC trope.

She has a really nice Coffee butt.
Not a question but I agree.

How frequent are updates?
Admittedly very infrequent, My main project is Futa Grandma 2 as of writing and this is just a side project when I need a break or come up with a random plot idea. Expect every few months.
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