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CosmoBreeder 0.3.0b

Game update on 07/08/2022. Created by harmaristwith java. Available for download in en.

In the age of faster than light travel and advanced cyber-robotics, brave heroes known as cosmobreeders explore unknown worlds and collect valuable biodata from alien creatures. As a lone cosmobreeder on a rescue mission, you’ve been shot down over the mysterious planet Tutone and left with nary a scrap of clothing...

Keep your wits about you and your Lighttazer close at hand as you explore ancient service tunnels and dark forests. Recover your stolen equipment and acquire alien artifacts to unlock new abilities. Tame the local fauna and breed with them for their biodata. Discover the whereabouts of your fellow cosmobreeders and witness the lewd details of their captivity firsthand!

Select your cosmobreeder to enjoy male-on-male or male-on-female content!​

Game is avaialble for Windows
2D GAME, 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Furry, Gay, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex
How to install:
Gamepad Support

Any gamepad supporting XInput or DirectInput should work, and the majority of available PC gamepads will be mapped automatically.

Getting a missing VCRUNTIME140.dll message?
  • Install the Visual C++ Redistributable, found at
Known Issues
  • If your antivirus software throws an error about the game's executable, there is a backup-run.cmd file that should launch the game instead.
  • The game may fail to launch from a directory whose full path contains Chinese characters (and potentially other unicode characters) with an “Error: unable to access jarfile” message. You should be able to run the game from a path that does not contain such characters.
  • Full Screen mode may display a window border on some systems.
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