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Crystal Road 0.0.12

Game update on 28/10/2020. Created by Tentakero. Available for download in en.

Player has always had strange visions of her future, which to date, have never failed to come true. At times, the visions are simple enough. It’s going to rain two weeks from now. There’s going to be a cat crossing the road near the market…
But one day, there’s something abnormal. Something unsettling. There’s a girl with hollow eyes asking for help. Her silhouette obscured by what appears to be a forest with thick mist.
“Help us... Erase-… Come to our world and give us your aid… Guide the lost ones.”
The game was previously known as "Project Dream Farm."
SpoilerThere’s never been a vision that speaks, what could this one mean? For some reason, player sees herself in an unfamiliar town.
After many restless nights spent dreaming about the mysterious girl shrouded by mist, Player decides to investigate the location where the voice seems to be calling from.
As she walks towards the voice, her senses begin to go numb. All she can focus on is the words echoing in her head.
“The vale. Help restore-...
The cryptic message makes no sense to her. Yet it inspires intense emotions. She must start a new life. Find answers about the mysterious girl and the town plaguing her mind.
That’s part of the lore we’re setting up for this new in-game world. There will be a large overarching theme regarding memories, but we’ll have info on that when we’re a bit more certain.

Game is avaialble for Windows, Mac
2d game, 2dcg, Animated, Furry
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
In terms of technical details, Project Dream Farm will be a slower-paced, slice of life, yuri dating sim. You’ll create a small farm and settlement that can be expanded to entice more characters to live there. Once you persuade a new character to join your settlement, you can spend more time with them, get to know them and, ahem.. “get to know them” by doing their special story quests. New characters that join the settlement will bring their own benefits, such as new shops or game mechanics that the player can take advantage of.

When you’re not romancing and befriending the girls, Project Dream Farm will also be a farming simulator and a resource management game. That means that aside from spending time with characters you can expect to farm, fish, mine, and forage, among other things to help expand your settlement.
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