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Godhood Chronicles 0.0.23

Game update on 03/12/2020. Created by Paperwaifuwith rpgm. Available for download in en.

You're a new god fresh off creation. Start laying the foundations of your religion, recruit devouts to your faith, and defeat enemy gods - or screw their followers, which is almost the same thing. Explore towns and convince them to worship you and increase your influence. Be a kind god or an evil one - your choices affect quests and storylines, and will determine the worshiper personalities you attract to your cause!
Standard RPG combat and quests-based system with win/lose sexy scenarios!
SpoilerM/F, M/M, F/F, Futa/M, Futa/F!
Harem system - recruit potential love interests to your religion! Romance / seduce/establish relationships with multiple partners to unlock more quests/storylines!
Lawful/chaotic alignment - your actions dictate the storyline and determine the type of worshippers you recruit!
Defined kinks - customize sexy scenes with potential partners according to your own sexual preferences

Game is avaialble for Windows, Mac, Linux
2d game, rpgm, Footjob, Harem, Handjob, Anal sex, character relationship, Oral sex, Futa/trans protagonist, Futa/trans, Adventure, Sandbox, Romance, Dating, Fantasy, Big ass, Big tits, Text-based, Art-heavy, narrative, RPG, Roleplaying, God
How to install:
Extract from zip file and run the executable game file.
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