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The Cruise - Part 2 screenshotThe Cruise - Part 2 screenshotThe Cruise - Part 2 screenshotThe Cruise - Part 2 screenshotThe Cruise - Part 2 screenshotThe Cruise - Part 2 screenshotThe Cruise - Part 2 screenshot

The Cruise - Part 2 1.0.0

Game update on 31/10/2021. Created by ArniiGameswith other. Available for download in en.

The Serenity arrives in the Meditereanean port of San Paulo and both the guests and crew are eager to to get ashore. Miranda looks to help Penny out with some shopping, meanwhile Lyra and Lilly get to know the locals. Back aboard, Lucas draws the short straw and has to work the day shift – during which he will make an interesting discovery.​

Game is avaialble for Windows

developer notes

There is no save feature on this game. Later episodes have a continue game feature, but this is not available for this game. To guarantee you play all scenes see use the cheat code: Type 'friends' on the menu screen to maximize your relationships. This will unlock all scenes.

Please note that this is a port from a browser game and as such the whole game is split into 4 parts. All games have been completed and will be published here in due course.

There are some timing glitches noted in this game on the port to Windows.

Q: Why not make one big game rather than break up into smaller parts?
A: This was the format I went for to balance out the need to publish frequently for exposure and to reduce wait times for Patreons.
Q: Why is the resolution so small
A: Various reasons, including reduction of render times in the early days and reducing server load stress. I plan to do higher res in next game series.
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