The Cruise - Part 3 screenshotThe Cruise - Part 3 screenshotThe Cruise - Part 3 screenshotThe Cruise - Part 3 screenshotThe Cruise - Part 3 screenshotThe Cruise - Part 3 screenshot
The Cruise - Part 3 poster

The Cruise - Part 3 1.0.0

Game update on 15/11/2021. Created by ArniiGameswith other. Available for download in en.

Suspecting a plot against the captain, Lyra, Penny and Lucas decide to investigate further. Penny finds her desires growing. Meanwhile Helen grows increasingly frustrated my Max’s lack of adventure - will she look elsewhere?​

Game is avaialble for Windows

developer notes

There is no save feature on this game. This episode have a continue game feature that allows you to start from your last saved position. To guarantee you play all scenes see use the cheat code: Type 'friends' on the menu screen to maximize your relationships. This will unlock all scenes.

Please note that this is a port from a browser game and as such the whole game is split into 4 parts. All games have been completed and will be published here in due course.

There are some timing glitches noted in this game on the port to Windows.

Q: Why not make one big game rather than break up into smaller parts?
A: This was the format I went for to balance out the need to publish frequently for exposure and to reduce wait times for Patreons.
Q: Why is the resolution so small
A: Various reasons, including reduction of render times in the early days and reducing server load stress. I plan to do higher res in next game series.
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