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Game update on 20/12/2021. Created by Custom Oppai Games. Available for download in en.

Dallia is sent to the little frontier town of Orinsburg to make her fortune as a wench, because after all, it's the adventurers who give the biggest tips! Will she make new friends and fit in, and can she unravel the intrigue at the Smelly Goblin pub?​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux
2DCG, Lesbian, Monster, Female protagonist, Fantasy,
How to install:
1. Extract and run
Developer comments:
This demo contains 30-40 minutes of visual novel gameplay, make the right choices to earn friends, or ham up your flirtatiousness for extra tips! Plenty of choices can influence how the characters will react to you.

This is my very first project that I made to learn how to use Renpy and get some coding experience, I am hoping to get your feedback so I can improve as a developer. I've been working/learning on my own for so long that I've missed out on valuable input, and although I won't be coming back to this nascent project I hope you will enjoy the pomp and whit of Wench Quest all the same! You can also see more of my art and info on my current project
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