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Conquer the World 1.5

Game update on 16/03/2022. Created by VagueRow. Available for download in en.

Our man (Enter player name here) was an ordinary person trying to salvage a future for himself in journalism, after a failed attempt at higher education. A request from the newspaper he was working as a freelancer, to check out a medical startup and their revolutionary interrogation drug started to open his eyes to a wider world. Always wanting to achieve more and written in history, he pushed these fantasies down deep in his mind as unrealistic. An encounter with a woman working at the facility changes his life, and pushes him to realize what he always wanted. Will you able to guide him in his path? What will happen to our character? Will he drown in power-lust, responsibilities and hostile plots? Or will he rise to the challenge and Conquer the World? It is up to you.​
Mind Control, Male Domination,Real Porn, Male Protagonist
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
Thank you for trying my story. I hope it was enjoyable. I'm a novice writer and coder. I'm also not a native English speaker. All criticism are welcomed but more constructive it is, better to improve the quality and enjoyment of all. You can check out my philosophy and plans in my patreon page, which is open to public.
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53.6 MBRAR1/4/2023

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