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Saving Sister: Part 1 screenshotSaving Sister: Part 1 screenshotSaving Sister: Part 1 screenshotSaving Sister: Part 1 screenshotSaving Sister: Part 1 screenshotSaving Sister: Part 1 screenshot

Saving Sister: Part 1 1.5.3

Game update on 09/08/2021. Created by ArniiGames. Available for download in en.

Erin is an up-and-coming pornstar who gets into trouble with the police while filming abroad. It is left to her sister, Anna, and her friends to save Erin and find out why she has been arrested. This action packed episode introduces the main characters and sets up the story for future episodes. The story is linear, however you will have opportunities to improve your relationships throughout the game, if you are successful a bonus scene will be unlocked. As this is the first of a planned series of 4 (maybe 5) games, the emphasis is on establishing the main characters and setting up the plot - however there is plenty of action too!​

Game is avaialble for Windows

developer notes

Please note that this is the first time I have tried to port this game to MS Windows (using electron). Up until this point all my games have been HTML web games. Should this be successful I will look to publish my back catalog.

Version 1.5 Update Notes:
  • Save game menu added to game sequences and start menu
  • 3 save game slots implemented
  • Timestamps added to save-games
  • Names added to pause menu
  • Some minor text fixes
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