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In Transition 0.4.1

Game update on 11/04/2021. Created by lovesky. Available for download in en.

You start a new school year and learn that students are required to join a club. The one you end up joining is a bit girlier than you expected. Meanwhile you struggle with the bullies of the school, and maybe even start getting used to the idea of opening up your relationship with your sexy girlfriend Elsa a bit.
SpoilerYou need to be able to give WASD or arrow key inputs to get the full experience. There are some interactive minigames that are designed with mouse+keyboard controls in mind, but they might also be playable on mobile. There are some known display issues that I'm trying to fix, and they are bound to happen with display ratios other than 16:9 (many mobile devices especially). Some concepts are discussed in a kind-of realistic manner, but absolutely nothing about the game should be taken seriously. The end of content date of version 0.3.1 is Monday of week 8, and the game is currently about 20-30% done. I know I'm not a good artist, and getting a real artist to remake the MC paperdoll art is one of my top priorities. However, so far I've made significant changes to the paperdoll system in every single content update, so I'm not sure when I will actually get around to that issue.

One of the most common complaints has been that ID is too grindy to gain. In 0.3.1 the most significant factor for ID is having as few boy clothes equipped in the wardrobe as possible right from the start, or in other words, maxing the FEM of every clothing slot. It should be possible to get to ID values as high as 90+ (as seen in the images below) around weeks 7-8 in 0.3.1, which won't be the case in future updates as I will keep balancing the stat systems as more content gets put in. Also you aren't supposed to be able to make people cum in the sex minigames in 0.3.1, that is one of the things on the docket for the next content update.

Note: there is no tag for this on F95Zone, but there is optional Cuckolding (willing) in this game

Game is avaialble for Windows
Feminization, Sissification, Interracial, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Gay, Blackmail, Male protagonist, Text based, Real porn, Cuckolding
How to install:
1. Download the .zip file that contains the three data folders AND the HTML file.
2. Extract the .zip file.
3. Place the HTML file inside the same folder with the three data folders.
4. Run using the HTML file.
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