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Familial Bonds 0.3

Game update on 24/04/2021. Created by Oedipal_Underwear. Available for download in en.

This is a text-based, browser-based CYOA (choose-your-own-adventure) story, with pictures strewn through the story. You follow the sexcapades of a young man as he tries to navigate his home life, college, and relationships. As the title implies, incestual relationships play a heavy role. Initially, you can choose "Create-A-Family " mode for a more linear path (but with choice of models), or "Story Mode" for a more gradual, story-driven path that allows for more choice and a longer story. All scenes are depicted with real porn pictures (jpg) and occasional brief movies (mp4).​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Mac, Linux
Text-based, Male protagonist, Multiple endings, Real porn, Anal sex, Lesbian, Teasing, Incest, Gay (avoidable), NTR (avoidable), Trap (mostly avoidable), Pregnancy (potentially avoidable)
How to install:
Unzip and open the .html file to open on your default browser.
Developer comments:
Story mode still contains the bulk of content. After arriving at an ending (or the current "to be continued" path), consider going back to explore alternate routes to access all content. Create-A-Family mode has some first-level and second-level scenes. Each mode will be updated to some extent each version.
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