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Yet Another v0.1

Game update on 27/04/2021. Created by Majestydx8.

It is a world of Cultivation.You(Name) have died in that world and your soul has transmigrated to a different world. This world is different, as you try to remember your past you meet Demon's God who saved your soul. Before sending it this way to this different world while revealing your birth secret which is of a Half-Demon. He gives you your powers before parting ways.

In a different world, you have no choice but to occupy a different person's body and live his life as you.
Yet Another?
Spoiler"Yes, Yet another"
"Yet Another game with corruption"
"Yet another game with bad English"
"Yet another game with bad CG"
"Yet another game with a routine story"

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux,
3dcg, male protagonist, big tits, ntr, vaginal Sex, blowjob,
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
"I am not from an English-speaking country
so from the next updates, text in the game will be minimum"

This my first game creation, I will complete the game before quitting.

NTR is avoidable in future updates and currently, there is NTR content.
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896 MBZIP1/4/2023
889 MBBZ21/4/2023

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