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SuperThot 0.1337

Game update on 03/03/2021. Created by TheDegenerates. Available for download in en.

SuperThot is a fast paced high fidelity over-the-top action game made in the Unreal Engine. It is the combat counterpart to Dating Simmer.
Deep, intriguing and highly amusing plot involving one mans challenge of the Divine himself and the resulting apocalypse such an affront caused does exist...
Spoiler: MoreBut not in this demo.
This demo serves mainly to showcase the early combat systems and features of SuperThot.
Please check the Dev notes for a wall of text, our discord for further information, and our trailer below with 5 mins of gameplay.
PDF Controls

Game is avaialble for Windows
3D Game, Combat, Superpowers, Monster, Female Protagonist
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
Press TAB to open and close the control menu - it is highly recommended to atleast glance over the PDF Controls below, but a TLDR is listed within the control menu. ESC will close the application! Please note that initial opening of the game can take longer than expected.

Current Demo Preview PDF - PDF Controls

SuperThot is a game that intends to not take itself too seriously, but still maintain an interesting and challenging gameplay style. Graphical fidelity is very much a priority, but not as much as in Dating Simmer, an acceptable and smooth FPS being required for SuperThots content. We intend for there to be interaction between both of our games, with one's performance effecting the state of the other. This would initially be the form of unlockable outfits, additional sexual positions and as even sexual themes depending on performance. We have separated the two as they are very different games, one being primarily a sex and intimacy simulator, the other being primarily an action game. They will not rely on each other as the aim is to have a separation of themes, but for those who enjoy both, there will be additional rewards.

Upon opening the control menu, heavy time dilatation will be applied until left should you wish to explore Simmer in further detail.
Whilst not included in this demo, there is gunplay that is also heavily influenced by tidi and camera aim.

The below is repeated in the PDF Control file but is important enough to repeat here as the core focus of this demos gameplay revolves around it.

--- There are a lot of overlapping time dilation ‘tracks’ in play during SuperThot combat. For example when you initiate a combo attack the global timescale gets larger (or _everything_ slows down)... but at the same time the same action provides you a boost so you slow down a little less than everything else. This is compounded by the fact that the kills you get also slow down the game world… but your boost from said kills is greater than the slowdown so the effect of this is if you spam your attacks and don't get any kills you slow down a good bit, but if you get a bunch of kills with only a few attacks you can end up at 3-5 times the speed of the Zombies.

The key here is basically to keep moving (you can cancel your primary combo attack before it has completed all four of it’s strikes by either tapping SHIFT, jumping w/ the 'SPACEBAR' or initiation your primary single lunge-forward attack with MOUSE1. Chaining the forward lunge attacks (if you get kills) is a VERY effective way to move quickly across great distances… and this is recommended as you will die very fast in a large group of Zombies. ---

Dating Simmer - Our Sex/Intimacy/Apartment Simulator, new update with sound, expressions and location expected within 48 hours of this post with both a non-RT and RT version. Highest focus on graphical performance with strand based hair, physics and great character detail.

Extras: Thank you TheImage for the assistance.
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7.25 GB7Z1/4/2023

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