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Threads of Reality 0.0.3

Game update on 02/02/2023. Created by LunAttic Gameswith html. Available for download in en.

In a universe that most aren't even aware that parallel realities exists the mc is abruptly told to go back home after 20 years living abroad. Back in his home town, he will discover that things have changed and that the world isn't exactly how he supposed to be.

I've put a lot of time in creating the game lore (including a bunch of references) so I hope this will also be something interesting to see how people reacts to.

Though in the game, for now, there is a single town with a couple of locations the game universe has several nations with their cultures, geography, historic events and religions that will be introduced as content is added to the game.​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Android, Mac, Linux
Real porn, Male protagonist, Oral sex, RPG, Sandbox, Test based, Vaginal sex
How to install:
If you have v0.0.2 installed just download and extract html (core) package overwriting all files.
If you don't just download and extract both files in the same folder
Developer comments:
The idea is to eventually create an open-ended game with elements from several different kinds of games like rpg style skill progressing, short linear stories, send helpers on missions, tycoon business/property management.

This is just the first step of an ambitious project that will, hopefully, bloom into several interesting stories.

Current version has an initial quest line, a short secondary one, and around 10 random events.
Your feedback is very welcome.
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