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Executive Service 0.01

Game update on 09/02/2023. Created by ShinyRockwith renpy. Available for download in en.

"You have worked hard since you entered the management career. Now a new chapter unfolds.
An opportunity knocks on your door. An established company dealing with strategic metals has chosen you to join their exclusive Higher Executive ranks.
This is a secretive group of the highest ranking executives in the company.
It comes with special demands of your performance, as an executive, and other extraordinary tasks you will have to also perform, to save the company money, because you lack ownership of significant real estate assets to contribute to the company, and buy your stakehold. But also to keep you on your toes.
But that coin has another side. It also comes with access to personalized, unbridled & unlimited secret Executive Services to keep your adult blood flowing... and your mind clear...
This short description has already said too much!
Will you play?"​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac
3dcg, big ass, big tits, teasing, stripping,
How to install:
1. Extract and run.
Developer comments:
This game is on HOLD for now, and will resume when the developer is able to return. Thank-you!

This Game will never have "real world xxx porn photos", only 3D CG. You can count on that.
This Game features challenges to be overcome by the player. They will not be hard, but they will not be too simple either
The challenges to be overcome by the MC can be solved by "cheating". There will be "cheatsheets" provided in PDF format.

But for those interested in solving the challenges themselves, there will be some documentation, either in PDF format, or the player will be forwarded to appropriate free websites that will let you practice the challenges so you can overcome them.

If this Game pleases you, and you want to continue playing it, you can make that possible by continuous support.
If in the future the required goal of support comes our way, this will make the game possible to continue indefinitely.

This Game is being designed to allow for a long story, a long game, by adding updates, other things happening in the career of this MC...

At this stage it is only in ENGLISH, but eventually SPANISH and PORTUGUESE versions may be available, and we welcome those who wish to translate into other languages!

Thank-you for your interest, ShinyRock!

UnOfficial SoundTrack: MEGA link = MEGA link for UOST

v2.0 will be Part 2: Acceptance Trials - The Jet

v1.0 will be the Part 1: Acceptance Trials - Cessna

v0.01 will be a Short Demonstration and Introduction OUT NOW 2023/02/12

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