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Demon Gods v0.39

Game update on 04/03/2023. Created by Panononwith html. Available for download in en.

I died and was reincarnated into a - wait no...

Welcome to Demon Gods, where you play as a recently deceased soul reincarnated by a goddess with a lack of empathy. Your task is simple: purify this world of corruption, but good luck with that. The goddess could care less about your success or failure.

This game is filled with moments that will (hopefully) make you laugh and others that will make you question your morals. There are also some very dark themes. You'll meet a cast of characters with many layers, much like an ogre has layers.​

Game is avaialble for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Text Based, Female Protagonist, Mind Control, Turn-Based Combat, Tentacles, Gender Bender, Transformation, Fantasy, Monster Girl, Sex, Exhibitionism, Creampie, Rape, Violence
How to install:
  1. Extract the game (the rar package)
  2. Open the html file in your browser of choice
Developer comments:
I update monthly, though I do update more frequently if there are game-breaking bugs. I'm happy for feedback.
My game is also available on my website, which is updated 2 weeks after Patreon.
One thing I hate is games that don't get finished, so I am adamant that I will finish this game.

Broken images is due to a poor choice I made and using code as a placeholder without having the image ready. This has already been resolved in version 0.38, and the really bad ai placeholder art I used has also been replaced by my edited images.

Ver. 0.36 has old "art" that I barely / didn't bother editing after creating with AI. They were only used as a placeholder as I was working on improved art that was unfortunately taking me several hours to edit. My next version 0.38 has already significantly improved upon and replaced nearly all of the current images as I am heavily photoshopping them myself. I don't consider myself an artist, but I am an editor.
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